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VND - Purchasing Vendor Segment

This segment contains purchasing vendors that supply the inventory supply item specified in the ITM segment.

HL7 Attribute Table - VND - Purchasing Vendor Segment
Seq# DataElement Description Must Implement Flags Cardinality Length C.LEN Vocabulary DataType
1 02217 Set Id – VND SHALL [1..1] [1..4] SI
2 02218 Vendor Identifier SHALL R [1..1] EI
3 02276 Vendor Name = [0..1] 999 ST
4 02219 Vendor Catalog Number [0..1] EI
5 02220 Primary Vendor Indicator [0..1] CNE
6 02420 Corporation [0..*] EI
7 02421 Primary Contact [0..1] XCN
8 02422 Contract Adjustment [0..1] MOP
9 02423 Associated Contract ID [0..*] EI
10 02424 Class of Trade [0..*] ST
11 02425 Pricing Tier Level [0..1] CWE

VND-1: Set Id – VND (SI) 02217

Definition: This field contains a sequential number that identifies this segment within a given PURCHASING_VENDOR segment group. For the first occurrence of the segment in a given group, the sequence number shall be one; for the second occurrence, the sequence number shall be two; etc.

VND-2: Vendor Identifier (EI) 02218

Definition: This field contains the identifier of the vendor in the system.

VND-3: Vendor Name (ST) 02276

Definition: This field contains the name of the vendor identified in VND-2.

VND-4: Vendor Catalog Number (EI) 02219

Definition: This field contains the catalog number assigned to the item by a purchasing vendor.

VND-5: Primary Vendor Indicator (CNE) 02220

Definition: This field contains an indicator to communicate whether this purchasing vendor is the primary vendor used to place orders for inventory supply item. Refer to HL7 Table 0532 - Expanded Yes/no Indicator in Chapter 2C, Code Tables, for valid values.

VND-6: Corporation (EI) 02420

Definition: This field contains a corporation indentifier (code and name) of the entity allowed to purchase from this contract for this vendor.

VND-7: Primary Contact (XCN) 02421

Definition: This field contains the primary contact person of this vendor item.

VND-8: Contract Adjustment (MOP) 02422

Definition: This field contains the markup amount for this contract item and vendor combination.

VND-9: Associated Contract ID (EI) 02423

Definition: This field contains a contract that is linked to the contract sent in the CTR segment (described in Chapter 8). For example, the contract in CTR maybe of supplier type M (manufacturer); a contract sent in VND may be a linked distributor contract for a supplier authoized so distribute this item.

VND-10: Class of Trade (ST) 02424

Definition: This field contains the class of trade if identified at the vendor item level.

VND-11: Pricing Tier Level (CWE) 02425

Definition: This field contains the tier level at which this contract is priced for the vendor sent in this segment. Pricing Tier level determines the price of the item on the contract. Tier Level can be assigned to an IDN or at a corporation level and is typically based on volume purchased (determined by $ or a %). The larger the volume purchased, the lower priced tier level is assigned to the contract. This value can change over the life of the contract if purchasing volume changes after initial contract signing.Example 01^Tier One, 02^Tier 2, etc No HL7 table is defined here, because it needs to be defined by trading partner agreement, including the identification of code system to use.