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CM2 - Clinical Study Schedule Master Segment

The Technical Steward for the CM2 segment is Orders and Observations.

The Clinical Study Schedule Master (CM2) contains the information about the scheduled time points for study or phase-related treatment or evaluation events. The fact that a patient has data satisfying a scheduled time point is sent in the CSS segment, sequence 2. The CM2 segment describes the scheduled time points in general.

HL7 Attribute Table - CM2 - Clinical Study Schedule Master Segment
Seq# DataElement Description Must Implement Flags Cardinality Length C.LEN Vocabulary DataType
1 01024 Set ID- CM2 [0..1] [1..4] SI
2 01025 Scheduled Time Point SHALL [1..1] CWE
3 01026 Description of Time Point = [0..1] 300 ST
4 01027 Events Scheduled This Time Point SHALL [1..200] CWE

CM2-1: Set ID- CM2 (SI) 01024

Definition: This field contains a number that uniquely identifies this transaction for the purpose of adding, changing, or deleting the transaction. For those messages that permit segments to repeat, the Set ID field is used to identify the repetitions.

CM2-2: Scheduled Time Point (CWE) 01025

Definition: This field should correspond to the scheduled time point coding system in Chapter 7, section, "Study scheduled time point."

CM2-3: Description of Time Point (ST) 01026

Definition: This field contains a brief explanation so recipients will understand what the time point represents.

CM2-4: Events Scheduled This Time Point (CWE) 01027

Definition: This field contains a study-specific event. Coding systems may be developed for this field or applications may use facility-wide or standardized orders and procedures coding systems. This enables integration of procedures or events ordered for clinical trials with medical order entry systems.