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MOP - money or percentage

HL7 Component Table - MOP - money or percentage
Seq# Description Implement Flags Cardinality Length C.LEN Vocabulary Data Type
1 Money or Percentage Indicator [0..1]     0148 ID
2 Money or Percentage Quantity [0..1]     NM
3 Monetary Denomination SHALL [0..1] [3..3]     0913 ID

Components: <Money or Percentage Indicator (ID)> & <Money or Percentage Quantity (NM)> & <Monetary Denomination (ID)>

Definition: This data type specifies an amount that may be either currency or a percentage. It is a variation on the MO data type that is limited to currency.

Note: Replaces the CM data type used in section IN3-5, as of v 2.5. This data type is restricted to this field.

Example: USD is the ISO 4217 code for the U.S. American dollar.


MOP-1: Money or Percentage Indicator (ID)

Definition: Specifies whether the amount is currency or a percentage.

Refer to HL7 Table 0148 – Money or Percentage Indicator for valid values.

MOP-2: Money or Percentage Quantity (NM)

Definition: Specifies the currency or percentage quantity.

MOP-3: Monetary Denomination (ID)

Definition: the denomination in which the quantity is expressed where the amount is currency. The values for the denomination component are the three-character codes specified in ISO-4217. See Externally-defined Table 0913 – Monetary Denomination Code.

If the denomination is not specified, the context of the message or MSH-17 Country Code, in Chapter 2, section, is used to determine the default.