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VAR - Variance Segment

The variance segment contains the data necessary to describe differences that may have occurred at the time when a healthcare event was documented.

HL7 Attribute Table - VAR - Variance Segment
Seq# DataElement Description Must Implement Flags Cardinality Length C.LEN Vocabulary DataType
1 01212 Variance Instance ID SHALL [1..1] EI
2 01213 Documented Date/Time SHALL [1..1] DTM
3 01214 Stated Variance Date/Time [0..1] DTM
4 01215 Variance Originator [0..*] XCN
5 01216 Variance Classification [0..1] CWE
6 01217 Variance Description = [0..*] 512 ST

VAR-1: Variance Instance ID (EI) 01212

Definition: This field contains the unique identifier of the specific variance record.

VAR-2: Documented Date/Time (DTM) 01213

Definition: This field contains the time stamp that identifies the timed occurrence of the variance documentation.

VAR-3: Stated Variance Date/Time (DTM) 01214

Definition: This field contains the time stamp that identifies a stated time of the variance which may be different than the time it was documented.

VAR-4: Variance Originator (XCN) 01215

Definition: This field contains the originator (person or system) documenting the variance.

VAR-5: Variance Classification (CWE) 01216

Definition: This field identifies a categorical set of variances. Classification may be used by applications for presentation and processing functions.

VAR-6: Variance Description (ST) 01217

Definition: This field specifies the details of a variance. The content of the field is a string with optional formatting.