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SLT - Sterilization Lot Segment

The SLT segment defines requests, responses, and notifications of sterilization lots and supply item descriptions. This message may be used for CPD (Central Supply) and OR (Sub-sterile area outside of an Operating Room) mode.

HL7 Attribute Table - SLT - Sterilization Lot Segment
Seq# DataElement Description Must Implement Flags Cardinality Length C.LEN Vocabulary DataType
1 02094 Device Number [0..1] EI
2 02280 Device Name = [0..1] 999 ST
3 02095 Lot Number [0..1] EI
4 02096 Item Identifier [0..1] EI
5 02097 Bar Code = [0..1] 30 ST

SLT-1: Device Number (EI) 02094

Definition: The unique identifier of the device (assigned by user, not assigned by the software application; e.g.: 01).

SLT-2: Device Name (ST) 02280

Definition: The name of the device associated with the device number in SLT-1 (e.g., VAC).

SLT-3: Lot Number (EI) 02095

Definition: A unique number associated with an instance of a sterilization/decontamination cycle assigned by the instrument-tracking system.

SLT-4: Item Identifier (EI) 02096

Definition: The Item Identifier is a unique code assigned to the material item by the Instrument-tracking software application to identify the item being sterilized or decontaminated.

SLT-5: Bar Code (ST) 02097

Definition: The special identification code, printed as a set of vertical bars of differing widths, used on instruments to identify them and provide for rapid, error-free input by a barcode scanning device. The coding can include numbers, letters or a combination of both.