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PMT - Payment Information Segment

This segment contains information that describes a payment made by a Payer organization.

HL7 Attribute Table - PMT - Payment Information Segment
Seq# DataElement Description Must Implement Flags Cardinality Length C.LEN Vocabulary DataType
1 02018 Payment/Remittance Advice Number SHALL [1..1] EI
2 02019 Payment/Remittance Effective Date/Time SHALL [1..1] DTM
3 02020 Payment/Remittance Expiration Date/Time SHALL [1..1] DTM
4 02021 Payment Method SHALL [1..1] CWE
5 02022 Payment/Remittance Date/Time SHALL [1..1] DTM
6 02023 Payment/Remittance Amount SHALL [1..1] CP
7 02024 Check Number [0..1] EI
8 02025 Payee Bank Identification [0..1] XON
9 02026 Payee Transit Number = [0..1] 4 ST
10 02027 Payee Bank Account ID [0..1] CX
11 02028 Payment Organization SHALL [1..1] XON
12 02029 ESR-Code-Line = [0..1] 100 ST

PMT-1: Payment/Remittance Advice Number (EI) 02018

Definition: Unique Payment/Remittance Advice number for the sending Network Application ID.

PMT-2: Payment/Remittance Effective Date/Time (DTM) 02019

Definition: [ Start ] Date/Time for this Payment/Remittance Advice.

PMT-3: Payment/Remittance Expiration Date/Time (DTM) 02020

Definition: [ End ] Date/Time for this Payment/Remittance Advice.

PMT-4: Payment Method (CWE) 02021

Definition: Code identifying the method for the movement of payment. Refer to User-defined Table 0570 – Payment Method Code in Chapter 2C, Code Tables, for suggested values.

PMT-5: Payment/Remittance Date/Time (DTM) 02022

Definition: Date Payment/Remittance Advice was paid, which might not be the same as Date/Time of Message on MSH.

PMT-6: Payment/Remittance Amount (CP) 02023

Definition: Sum total of all Product/Service Paid Amount on PSL for this Payment/Remittance Advice, net of any Adjustments to Payee.

PMT-7: Check Number (EI) 02024

Definition: Unique check number from the Payer's application system.

PMT-8: Payee Bank Identification (XON) 02025

Definition: Identification of Payee's financial contact, e.g., name of the bank .

PMT-9: Payee Transit Number (ST) 02026

Definition: Personal ID of the payee used in financial transaction.

PMT-10: Payee Bank Account ID (CX) 02027

Definition: Id of Payee's Bank account.

PMT-11: Payment Organization (XON) 02028

Definition: Organization identifier that made the Payment/Remittance Advice; could be a Payer, Insurance Company, TPA, Drug Company.

PMT-12: ESR-Code-Line (ST) 02029

Definition: Invoice Reference used with electronic banking methods.