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NDS - Notification Detail Segment

The equipment notification detail segment is the data necessary to maintain an adequate audit trail as well as notifications of events, (e.g., alarms that have occurred on a particular piece of equipment.

HL7 Attribute Table - NDS - Notification Detail Segment
Seq# DataElement Description Must Implement Flags Cardinality Length C.LEN Vocabulary DataType
1 01398 Notification Reference Number SHALL = [1..1] 10 NM
2 01399 Notification Date/Time SHALL [1..1] DTM
3 01400 Notification Alert Severity SHALL [1..1] CWE
4 01401 Notification Code SHALL [1..1] CWE

NDS-1: Notification Reference Number (NM) 01398

Definition: This field contains a unique sequential reference number that may be used by various components to refer to this transaction. This number is generated by the originator of this notification.

NDS-2: Notification Date/Time (DTM) 01399

Definition: This field is the date/time of the notifications.

NDS-3: Notification Alert Severity (CWE) 01400

Definition: The severity of the specific notification. Refer to HL7 Table 0367 – Alert Level in Chapter 2C, Code Tables, for valid entries.

NDS-4: Notification Code (CWE) 01401

Definition: This field contains information about the type of notification being sent. These are manufacturer and equipment specific error or status codes, e.g., AQN0123 – aliquoting error – clot detected. Refer to Table 0610 - Notification Code in Chapter 2C for valid values.