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DB1 - Disability Segment

The disability segment contains information related to the disability of a person. This segment was created instead of adding disability attributes to each segment that contains a person (to which disability may apply). This is an optional segment that can be used to send disability information about a person already defined by the Patient Administration Chapter. The disabled person code and identifier allow for the association of the disability information to the person.

HL7 Attribute Table - DB1 - Disability Segment
Seq# DataElement Description Must Implement Flags Cardinality Length C.LEN Vocabulary DataType
1 01283 Set ID - DB1 SHALL [1..1] [1..4] SI
2 01284 Disabled Person Code [0..1] CWE
3 01285 Disabled Person Identifier [0..*] CX
4 01286 Disability Indicator [0..1] [1..1] ID
5 01287 Disability Start Date [0..1] DT
6 01288 Disability End Date [0..1] DT
7 01289 Disability Return to Work Date [0..1] DT
8 01290 Disability Unable to Work Date [0..1] DT

DB1-1: Set ID - DB1 (SI) 01283

Definition: This field contains the number that identifies this transaction. For the first occurrence of the segment, the sequence number shall be one, for the second occurrence, the sequence number shall be two, etc.

DB1-2: Disabled Person Code (CWE) 01284

Definition: The value of this field indicates to which person the disability information relates in the message. For example, if the value is PT, the disability information relates to the patient. Refer to User-defined Table 0334 - Disabled Person Code in Chapter 2C, Code Tables, for suggested values.

DB1-3: Disabled Person Identifier (CX) 01285

Definition: This is the identifier (or identifiers) for the person whose disability information is sent on the segment. The assigning authority and identifier type code are strongly recommended for all CX data types.

DB1-4: Disability Indicator (ID) 01286

Definition: This field indicates if the person's visit is a disability visit. Refer to HL7 Table 0136 - Yes/No Indicator in Chapter 2C, Code Tables, for valid values.

DB1-5: Disability Start Date (DT) 01287

Definition: This field specifies the date the person became disabled.

DB1-6: Disability End Date (DT) 01288

Definition: This field specifies the ending date of the person's disability.

DB1-7: Disability Return to Work Date (DT) 01289

Definition: This field indicates the authorized date on which the patient can return to work for a specified disability case.

DB1-8: Disability Unable to Work Date (DT) 01290

Definition: This field specifies the first date in the date span that the patient is unable to work due to disability.