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SCV - scheduling class value pair

HL7 Component Table - SCV - scheduling class value pair
Seq# Description Implement Flags Cardinality Length C.LEN Vocabulary Data Type
1 Parameter Class [0..1]     0294 CWE
2 Parameter Value = [0..1]  20 ST

Components: <Parameter Class (CWE)> & <Parameter Value (ST)>

Subcomponents for Parameter Class (CWE): <Identifier (ST)> ^ <Text (ST)> ^ <Name of Coding System (ID)> ^ <Alternate Identifier (ST)> ^ <Alternate Text (ST)> ^ <Name of Alternate Coding System (ID)> ^ <Coding System Version ID (ST)> ^ <Alternate Coding System Version ID (ST)> ^ <Original Text (ST)> ^ <Second Alternate Identifier (ST)> ^ <Second Alternate Text (ST)> ^ <Name of Second Alternate Coding System (ID)> ^ <Second Alternate Coding System Version ID (ST)> ^ <Coding System OID (ST)> ^ <Value Set OID (ST)> ^ <Value Set Version ID (DTM)> ^ <Alternate Coding System OID (ST)> ^ <Alternate Value Set OID (ST)> ^ <Alternate Value Set Version ID (DTM)> ^ <Second Alternate Coding System OID (ST)> ^ <Second Alternate Value Set OID (ST)> ^ <Second Alternate Value Set Version ID (DTM)>

Definition: This data type is used to communicate parameters and preferences to the filler application regarding the selection of an appropriate time slot, resource, location, or filler override criterion for an appointment.

For use only with the scheduling chapter.

SCV-1: Parameter Class (CWE)

Definition: The first component of this field is a code identifying the parameter or preference being passed to the filler application. Refer to User-defined Table 0294 - Time Selection Criteria Parameter Class Codes for suggested values.

SCV-2: Parameter Value (ST)

Definition: The second component is the actual data value for that parameter.

For example, if a filler application allows preference parameters to be passed to specify a preferred start time, a preferred end time, and preferred days of the week for the appointment, it may define the following parameter class codes and valid data sets.