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OCD - occurrence code and date

HL7 Component Table - OCD - occurrence code and date
Seq# Description Implement Flags Cardinality Length C.LEN Vocabulary Data Type
1 Occurrence Code [0..1]     0350 CNE
2 Occurrence Date = [0..1]   8 DT

Components: <Occurrence Code (CNE)> & <Occurrence Date (DT)>

Subcomponents for Occurrence Code (CNE): <Identifier (ST)> ^ <Text (ST)> ^ <Name of Coding System (ID)> ^ <Alternate Identifier (ST)> ^ <Alternate Text (ST)> ^ <Name of Alternate Coding System (ID)> ^ <Coding System Version ID (ST)> ^ <Alternate Coding System Version ID (ST)> ^ <Original Text (ST)> ^ <Second Alternate Identifier (ST)> ^ <Second Alternate Text (ST)> ^ <Name of Second Alternate Coding System (ID)> ^ <Second Alternate Coding System Version ID (ST)> ^ <Coding System OID (ST)> ^ <Value Set OID (ST)> ^ <Value Set Version ID (DTM)> ^ <Alternate Coding System OID (ST)> ^ <Alternate Value Set OID (ST)> ^ <Alternate Value Set Version ID (DTM)> ^ <Second Alternate Coding System OID (ST)> ^ <Second Alternate Value Set OID (ST)> ^ <Second Alternate Value Set Version ID (DTM)>

Definition: The code and associated date defining a significant event relating to a bill that may affect payer processing.

Note: Replaces the CM data type used in sections UB1-16 and UB2-7, as of v 2.5.

This data type carries data defined by CMS or other regulatory agencies. It corresponds to UB82 Fields 28-32 and UB92 fields 32a, 32b, 33a, 33b, 34a, 34b, 35a, and 35b. Refer to a UB specification for additional information.

Use Case: A Medicare beneficiary was confined in hospital from January 1, 1992 to January 10, 1992, however, his Medicare Part A benefits were exhausted as of January 8, 1992, and he was not entitled to Part B benefits. Therefore, Form Locator 32 should contain code 23 and the date 010892.


|23&Benefits Exhausted&NUBC^19920108|

OCD-1: Occurrence Code (CNE)

Definition: The NUBC code for the event or occurrence relating to a bill that may affect payer processing.

Refer to HL7-defined Table 0350 – Occurrence Code for valid values.

Values for this component need to come from National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC). No extensions are allowed.

OCD-2: Occurrence Date (DT)

Definition: The date the event, relating to a bill that may affect payer processing, occurred.