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GTS - general timing specification

HL7 Component Table - GTS - general timing specification
Seq# Description Implement Flags Cardinality Length C.LEN Vocabulary Data Type
1 General Timing Specification = [0..1] 199

Definition: The General Timing Specification data type is used to communicate complex inter-related information Timing information. The value of such a field follows the formatting rules for a ST field. The string data will be structured according to the rules set forth in the "Version 3 Data Types Part II Unabridged Specification" for the General Timing Specification (GTS) data type.

Minimum Length: 1

Maximum Length:

There is no technical limit to the length of a GTS expression – the expression may be as long as logically required. The conformance length of 199 caters for all the common expressions. GTS expressions are not to be truncated.